Locked Out Of The House? Here's Why Calling A Mobile Locksmith Makes More Sense

Posted on: 8 August 2016

Traditionally, the only way one could have had their locks repaired or replaced was by visiting a locksmith's store. Today, the industry has evolved and mobile locksmiths have the capacity to bring the store right to your door. Not only that, a mobile locksmith service has various perks that make them just perfect for a lockout situation. Find out what they are below.

They are fast responders

As you well know, a lockout situation is an emergency. You need a locksmith who is able to come to you at once. Due to the nature of their job, traditional locksmiths may not always be able to do this. That's because, at any particular time, they are likely to be working on a lock or seeing a client. Mobile locksmiths, on the other hand, are always ready to move from one location to another. Their business is mobile so they do not have a store to mind and can always come to you as soon as you call them.

They will come wherever you are

Traditionally, when you are in a lockout situation and are looking for a locksmith, you have to find one that is close by. With mobile locksmiths, you are not limited to locksmiths who operate on your street or town. Because they are so mobile and can drive to you with their entire workshop in tow, you can call a mobile locksmith even from neighbouring towns. This means that you have more chances of finding a mobile locksmith, especially during those late after-hours.  

They will work on your locks onsite                 

As opposed to store-based locksmiths who mostly operate from their fixed places of work, mobile locksmiths work from wherever they go. This is crucial because if you need a lock re-key or lock replacement service after a lockout, you want your locksmith to be in a position to complete the job. While a traditional locksmith might need to go back to the store for tools and what not, a mobile locksmith is guaranteed to complete the service on-site because they have their entire shop with them.

You can take shelter in their mobile office as they sort you out

It's unpleasant to stay out in the cold late at night as a locksmith tries to disable your locks and gain entry into your home. As an extra plus, a mobile locksmith has a mobile office which you (and possibly your family or kids) can take refuge in as this goes on. If you have experienced a late-night lockout before, then you know that this is a handy perk.

So go ahead and edit your list of emergency contacts. Add a mobile locksmith to that list and stand to enjoy the above advantages should you encounter a lockout.