Technological Features to Consider when Buying Modern Second-Hand Safes

Posted on: 16 October 2017

Safes and strongboxes have increasingly been useful to many in the storage of valuables. They have been a safe way of ensuring that valuables are kept away from thieves or detractors for centuries. Nonetheless, some people opt for second hand safes for varied reasons including financial. Today, there are critical advancements that have been made in manufacturing strong and element-resisting safes. What does one need to look for when buying the modern second-hand safes? Here are some technical features to consider:

Biometric Unlock

When buying the modern second-hand safes, check whether they have the biometric unlocking technology. As much as the keys and security codes may be the safe and easy ways to lock and unlock your home and commercial safes, what if you could quickly open the safe through finger swipe? For sure, you can do this using the biometric technology. Remember you are buying second-hand safes and the last thing you would want is to accuse the previous owner of having a copy of the safe box key. Through biometric unlocking technology, the safes become personalized. You can only register the authorized fingerprints of individuals who should access the safe. For company safes, they allow multiple fingerprint registration of up to 20 fingerprints.

Ability to Float and Waterproof

When selecting second-hand safes, also look at the floating and waterproof capability. For most of the safes, they are heavy by design and are made up of thick and sturdy materials that can easily prevent break-ins. Consider getting second-hand safes that have the buoyant technology. For instance, when you are a boater or operate in a water vessel most of the time, getting safes that can float can help keep water sensitive documents safe while aboard. Safety of documents is guaranteed even when a boat plunges in any water body. Considering waterproof modern safes ensures that no water seep will occur hence important documents are not ruined.

Use of Alloys

It is prudent to consider a modern safe that is made of alloys. The traditional safes were mainly made of thick wood or some basic metals. Getting alloy made is an affirmation that they can stand up against the safe cracking techniques. For most of the modern safes even the second-hand safes, they use hard plate steel that takes care of the wear and tear. Alloys in the safes are preferred as they protect against drilling. Whenever an intruder tries to use a drill, the drill bit break apart before the walls of the safe. Given that most of the new alloy made safes are expensive, getting second-hand safes made from alloys will be relatively cheaper.

When getting second-hand safes for home or commercial use, never underestimate the technological considerations. They will ensure the safety of your valuables. Contact a company like Askwith Company for more information and assistance.