4 Reasons to Choose Smart Locks for Your Business

Posted on: 9 December 2020

If your business has always relied on a traditional lock and key to ensure its security, you might wonder what benefits a smart lock system could offer. According to commercial locksmiths, smart locks have many important advantages for both large and small businesses. Here are a few reasons to choose a smart lock system for your business.

1. Control Access Remotely

Traditionally, business owners must give employees keys for their business and rely on them to open the place up in the morning and lock it up again safely at night. A smart lock system allows you to have remote control over access to your business premises, which means you can always check that it is secure after closing time. You can let contractors into the business remotely without requiring an employee to go to the premises to let them in.

2. Stop Worrying Over Lost Keys

A lost key can be a major security concern for a business owner. Not only do you have to replace the key so the employee who lost it can access the building, but you may also want to change the locks to reduce the chance of someone finding it and using it to access your business. Smart lock systems have key cards that can be tracked by GPS, making it almost impossible to lose a card. If one does fall into the wrong hands, you can cancel the card so it no longer gives access to your business.

3. Prevent Key Copying

No matter how many times you tell employees not to copy the keys for your business, some workers will always ignore your instructions. Perhaps they want to have a spare key in case they lose theirs, or, more worryingly, perhaps they have bad motives for keeping a key after they end their employment with your company. Smart lock key cards are far harder to copy than traditional keys, so you can stop worrying about how many unauthorised copies of your keys have been created.

4. Reduce Long-Term Costs

Although there is an upfront cost associated with the installation of a smart lock access system, the technology could save you money in the long run. Consider the costs of replacing keys that are lost or worn out, or calling out a commercial locksmith when your traditional lock jams. By eliminating these costs, a smart lock system could work out less expensive over the long term. To find out how much you could save, contact a local commercial locksmith today to discuss smart lock installation.