Top 3 Factors To Look At When Buying A Safe For Your Home

Posted on: 20 April 2022

As a homeowner, there are certain valuables that need protection and must be kept in a secret place. Having a safe is the way to go to ensure that such valuables are not easily accessed. 

It is important to understand that different safes have been designed to protect different items. Hence, do not fall prey to greedy marketers who are out to make quick money by selling you untested and unfit safes. Take time and research to determine the best safe for your values before rushing to purchase one.

Read along to check the top priority things when buying a safe for your home valuables. 

Check The Size 

Size is the first thing you need to check to ensure it gives enough room for all your valuable items. Whether you plan to store some jewellry, cash, your personal weapon or etc., the safe should be able to house them without damaging their original state. In addition, a bigger and heavy safe comes handy as it makes it difficult for an invader to lift it from one place to another.  

You may need to protect important documents like title deeds for your property, your personal will, succession plan and so on. Therefore, having a smaller safe that is fire-resistant is the best option for this kind of storage. 

The Locking Mechanism

Safes have different types of locking mechanisms. In most cases, most people would consider the tried-and-true combination type of lock mechanism. Others prefer safes with a key-lock dial system to control access to valuable personal items. 

Going for traditionally designed safes with the lock combination system means that they do not need a battery or any other form of power supply to run. On the contrary, the modernly designed safes need to be powered, but are quick to access and are pretty convenient. In addition, the modern types can be accessed without keys or having to remember the combo, unlike the traditional ones. The choice is all yours.

The Thickness Of Walls And Doors 

When going for a safe, make sure you purchase one with the recommended thickness of walls and doors. A good safe should be able to withstand a tough external beating from an invader trying to destroy it. However, it is best to remain keen, as some manufacturers produce safes with fake materials that do not meet the threshold thickness required to make them withstand any forms of external aggression. 

Always make use of referrals from people you can trust to engage the right dealer when purchasing a safe. For more information, turn to a locksmith in your area.