Different Types of Locks You Can Install in Your New Home

Posted on: 21 July 2015

Moving can be a very overwhelming experience from having to relocate to a new neighborhood to getting all the utilities changed over into your name. It is easy to let some of the more simple needs of your new property to fall by the wayside. However, having the locks changed on a new property is essential to safety. New lock installation is one of the first things you should focus on as a new homeowner. It is important to choose a type of lock for your new home that will increase security to high levels.


This is one of the more common lock types. This is a lock that is not permanently attached to any surface, which means that you can easily move it. The ability to remove it with ease makes it the perfect choice of lock when you first move into a new property. You can have increased security right away before new lock installation even occurs.

It is also possible to purchase padlocks in a wide variation of different size options. It is possible to have a padlock in two different types including keyed or combination. For your home, it is recommended that you only use keyed padlocks. A padlock is not a long-term lock solution for your home, but it will add security until new locks are permanently installed.


This is a type of lock that you can have installed at your new property to add security right away. A deadbolt can come in three different options including single, double or thumb-turn. It is basically a personal preference, because all three variations are sufficient in providing security. The most common type of deadbolt lock installed in new properties is a single deadbolt lock that is cylindrical in size.

The main downside to using a deadbolt lock involves the window placement and accessibility to the door. If a window is located in close proximity to the deadbolt lock, it is possible for the window to be broken and the lock to be easily turned.

Knob Locks

This is another common type of lock that can be installed at your new property. This is a lock that is mostly used in residential homes and can be installed in addition to a deadbolt lock. The main distinguishable difference in this lock type and other is the placement of lock on the doorknob. The lock cylinder is attached to the knob and not to the door.

Any of these lock types would be ideal when you move into a new property and want to increase security right away. Contact a security system specialist to learn more about your options.