4 Types Of Ancient Locks That Are Still Used Today

Posted on: 23 July 2015

As times move on, so do the advances of technology, and with that the introduction of electronic devices that inevitably take over the responsibilities of the older physical devices. However, as far as the locksmith trade goes, there is still very much a need for expertise on locks that have been around for hundreds of years as they have proved the best and most secure. For your information, here are four ancient locks still in use today.

A Warded Lock

This design of lock is one of the oldest around, and is used in very low key situations as it is considered particularly easy to manipulate. They were already seen as a liability back in the 1800's when they were first invented, as more secure locks were built to replace them. However, this lock is still used frequently today as people use the warded lock in a padlock particularly in outdoor settings. 

Pin Tumbler Lock

This relic of a lock has truly stood the test of time as origins of this special lock can be traced back to 4000 BC in Egypt. It was only in 1805 that a patent was granted for this lock. This lock is still utilised in 2015, and is now mass produced and can be easily manipulated and picked by your local locksmith now.

Wafer Tumbler Lock

This lock is very similar to the pin tumbler lock and its patent was established around about the same time. This lock was first used in 1868 and was produced in New York, in a place called Cazenovia. This lock has proven itself and is now used on most doors and security gates in the 21st century.

Disc Tumbler Lock

This locks history takes it back to 1907, 5 years before the Titanic sunk. It was only manufactured though in 1918. It is also referred to as the Abloy Disklock. Disc Tumblers are a lot more challenging to pick than pin tumbler locks and are considered the lock to use for high security situations. Over 100 years have passed, and disc locks are still the ones trusted and worked on in the locksmith and security trade.

It seems the older a lock is the more highly regarded and used it is in the trade. These locks have not been overtaken by technology, maybe adapted, but the blueprint remains the same for these ancient locks that are still used today. Longevity seems to be the common denominator and overriding contributing factor when it comes to these ancient locks still having a massive part to play in the lock industry.

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