Why Call for Emergency Glass Repair When a Car Windscreen is Broken?

Posted on: 28 July 2015

If your car windscreen is chipped, cracked, leaking around the side, or otherwise broken, you may not think it's very important to get it repaired or replaced since you can still drive your car with a chipped windscreen. You also may not think that a leaking seal is very important. Before you take your car back on the road, you might note some reasons why it's good to call for emergency glass repair no matter the size of the break or where it's located.

1. Winscreens can shatter at any time

Don't assume that a small chip or crack is all the damage that your car's windscreen might suffer, as even a tiny compromise in its strength can cause it to shatter at any time. Car windscreens are very heavy and when there is a chip or crack, the weight of the glass bears down on that broken area so that it can actually break even more, very easily. This is especially true if you drive over bumps or hit a pothole, as that movement can cause the windscreen to shift and then crack and shatter. Even small cracks and chips mean that the strength of the windscreen is compromised, and your safety is at risk.

2. Leaks mean the windscreen is not secure

When your car's windscreen leaks around corners or its outside, this means it's not secure. Windscreens need to fit snugly and are installed typically with a type of sealant to keep them secure. If water can get in through the edge of the windscreen, the entire sheet of glass itself may come loose since the sealant is not working or the glass has come away from the car's frame. This risk may be increased during an accident, where the windscreen absorbs some impact of the crash. Any impact can cause it to actually slide out of place, which puts you and passengers in danger.

3. You can avoid larger repair bills

As with many types of car repairs, having a windscreen fixed when there's a small problem can mean avoiding larger repair bills down the road. A windscreen chip or small crack may be filled in with clear epoxy. However, if you ignore the problem and your car's windscreen shatters, you need to replace the entire piece. Larger cracks that form over time may also be too extensive to fill in with a simple epoxy. If the windscreen moves out of place, this too can be a more expensive repair than if you had a small area resealed. This too is why you should call for emergency repair as soon as you have a problem with your car's windscreen.

It's also important to note that emergency glass repair services exist not just for cars but also for homes and businesses. Companies like Lock Tight Glass & Shutter Service offer emergency glass repair and replacement to help keep your homes and businesses safe at all hours of the day.