How to Increase the Efficiency of Digital Door Locks

Posted on: 30 June 2016

Digital door locks are a way to replace keyed locks or to add automated features to your doors such as remote locking and unlocking.  The digital lock technology has long been used in automobiles, but has been adopted by homes and businesses in recent years. Various types of digital door locks for residential and commercial use are on the market today.

Digital door locks have numerous benefits compared to their traditional counterparts.

•    They are pick proof because there is no manual key lock. This deters burglars, especially those who break in by picking or bumping locks.

•    In a company or business, you can control and restrict access to certain areas such as the server room.

•    You do not have to carry around a bunch of keys or make copies. Chances of keys getting lost or ending up in the wrong hands are eliminated.

•    Digital doors are available in stylish and aesthetically appealing designs to suit the look of your home or company.

Digital door locks are reliable and efficient, and they increase the security of your home. However, there are various measures you can take when purchasing them to improve their efficiency and reliability.

Buy a battery powered lock

Digital door locks can be electronic or battery powered. If you choose an electric-powered lock, ensure you have a backup generator in case of a power outage. The lock cannot operate without electricity, and you may be locked out of your home. A better option would be battery powered digital door locks, which work even when the power is out. Alternatively, you can have an electronic lock with a battery backup system.

Limit the PIN code length

Digital door locks can provide for short and long PIN codes. Go for shorter codes as they are easier to remember and less cumbersome to input. Do not use codes that can be guessed easily, for example, your year of birth or a predictable sequence such as 1234. Choose a pin that's simple for you to remember, but not predictable.  Also, don't buy locks that come with a fixed PIN, as burglars or other people can quickly figure them out.

Keep the PIN secret

Ensure that you and other persons within your household do not share the PIN with untrustworthy people. However, this is not the only way people can access your PIN. Leaving fingerprints on the lock buttons or using dirty fingers can give away your code. Always clean the buttons on the lock after use to avoid this.

Digital locks have numerous benefits compared to traditional key locks. Follow these tips to maximize their efficiency and get the best value from them. For more tips or information about your door hardware options, contact a locksmith.