Could Your Children Be Compromising Your Home Security?

Posted on: 1 August 2016

In today's world with parents with busy careers and a load of things to take care of in the evening, being at home before the children get back from school is almost impossible. For this reason, most parents end up giving the kids the keys to their home so they can let themselves in. While this may be convenient, your children can unconsciously compromise your home security and expose it to burglars.

There are various aspects about giving your kids home keys that increase the safety risks in your home.

  • Children can easily lose keys and get a spare one. If you are not informed, this can be a potential future risk to your home.
  • If you leave your key in a hidden spot, your children can reveal the hiding place to friends.
  • Often, kids leave the keys behind after opening the door. A malicious person can photograph the key and make a copy of it to access your home when no one's there.

It is possible to give your children access to the house while still protecting your home from burglary. Here are some measures you can take.

Install electronic keyless deadbolt lock

Deadbolt locks are among the best high-security door locks on the market today. These locks are not spring activated; therefore, it is difficult to pump, bore, or batter them with a hard object. They tend to resist forced entry effectively compared to other types of locks. Electronic keyless deadbolt locks are opened through keying in a password. Electronic keyless deadbolt locks offer the following benefits:

  • Codes can be programmed for each child and can be deleted any time.
  • You can change the code as often as you like if you suspect that your security has been compromised.
  • If your children forget the codes, you can have them call you, unlike if the key was lost and you had to leave work and go home to let them in.

Install a security camera

In addition to a deadbolt lock, you can install a security camera on your front door. You can be able to monitor who your children bring home when you are not around. Also, you can surveil your property for any suspicious people that may be hovering around when you are not there.

Allow one-door entry

Giving your children the key or code to one entry door can also help improve your security. This will ensure that they do not bring in strangers through the back door if you have a surveillance camera on your front door. If you use this strategy, ensure that you don't leave the keys to the other entry doors lying around the house where the kids can access them.

Utilize these tips when dealing with children, keys, and door locks to ensure that your home is safe even when your kids have to let themselves in during the day or in the evening. If a child gets locked out or you feel the security of your home has been compromised, contact an emergency locksmith.